BioComplete Natural Healthy Raw Foods and Diets

A healthy pet starts with proper nutrition...

a Biologically Species Appropriate Diet!

BioComplete Natural Diets were created for just that purpose... to achieve optimal health for your pets. Every living creature on this planet is designed to eat and thrive eating raw living foods!

We are the ONLY organism that destroys the nutritive benefit of food by cooking it.

Our foods are created using only USDA graded meats, poultry and seafood. All are hormone, antibiotic free and free of preservatites, colors, artificial flavors and fillers. Our produce, where used is limited to only 5% fresh organics as carnivores have little use for these.

The resulting benefits of feeding BioComplete Natural Real Raw Foods are

Improved nutrition, healthy skin and coat, natural detoxification, naturally clean teeth, less vet visits, able to handle stress better, longer life, happier all around. You will be surprised to see the wonderful changes as your animal returns to the diet they are designed to eat.

Our diets are designed to be used in rotation. Rather than to spray on or add synthetic vitamins and minerals, we choose to have the diet “Balanced” by eating a variety of meats. Each brings with it a unique blend of proteins, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that ensure the body gets what it needs.

While carnivores are designed to eat their food raw. Some dog and cat owners have some trouble making the switch and want to have their food cooked. While this is not optimal, it is still far better then feeding kibble or cans. We advise that you lightly heat it in a little water and keeping the temp under 115 degrees. This ensures that all the live enzymes are still intact. Please NEVER microwave your dog or cat's food. The process by which the heating occurs destroys all the nutrients in the food, and renders it useless.